Adult Swim Singles

by Sad13

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WTD? 03:42 video
Some of us are gonna die faster than the other guys, ones I thought shoulda been shining my shoes. That’s how a gamble’s gamed, real until it’s razed away forcibly. Descend from ladder to chute and call that a truce. So high, quite low, mid-range: domains you control. “Drink me,” shrink down. Make a toast to the loss, you allowed it. And if I’ve had enough of flora and fauna, then what is the drama? Hold me close til the next year’s trauma. What is the drama? Wish I had said something but we can’t go back in time. Goons waltz in wearing shitkicking grins without reason, without cadence. So, we’re gonna die! Faster than our fathers make crime out of fiction, a silent cohesion. Less paranoia, more progress. Haha, unknowns derange me. But I make it my own and own up, get down. This is happening cuz you allowed it. That’s enough of flora, fauna. What is the drama? You were splayed for the valet, a cap gun on ya. Now put your hands where I could see ‘em. Is there any drama?
Sooo Bad 03:25
I'm bad if I say I'm bad. Goodbye if you go. Coulda tolerated any loss but acted childish to a fault. Was a sucker for your upper cut. You held my gift of gab the most. Turned the vice until the structure gave away. I'm bad, hold me closer. I'm bad cuz you wanted that. Goodbye when you don't. You put a gun into a play, you better fire it up, or else it's curtains for us both. You say I am, so I know I'm bad. Say it different, say I'm sick. Only jazzed by your hostile hand. Sooo bad, take me back. You want it, you got it. Hip hip hooray, I'm all in. You want it, you gotta go. Like a trash star, flaunt it. Stained velvet ribbon on it, unlike the garbage you have known me to be. I'm bad if you say I am. It was impossible not to cry about you with marigolds strewn about you. You're lying in your own filth, so it was impossible not to lie about you. I promise to tell the whole truth if you'll be true, but you won't be true. It's so impossible not to cry, cuz you know I'm bad.


Recorded by Erin Tonkon at Studio G, Brooklyn, NY
Mixed by Sarah Tudzin at Sonic Ranch, Tornillo TX
Mastered by Emily Lazar & Chris Allgood at The Lodge, New York, NY
Drums by Zoë Brecher
Bass guitar by Audrey Zee Whitesides
Produced & written by Sadie Dupuis, July Was Hot (BMI)
Guitar, synth, sitar, toy piano, cowbell, vocals, etc by Sadie
Released by Adult Swim Singles, May 18 2020

Sooo Bad:
Mixing, drum and vocal engineering by Danielle DePalma at Seaside Louge Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Drums by Zoë Brecher
Produced & written by Sadie Dupuis, July Was Hot (BMI)
Guitar, synth, drum programming, vocals, etc by Sadie
Released by Adult Swim Singles, June 14 2017


released May 19, 2020


all rights reserved



Sad13 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

sad13 is a cyborg dog astrally projected from the recent past to save the middle school dance. sadie dupuis is sad13.

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